Share Your Heart…Share-A-Night

This year, we are embracing togetherness, sharing & paying it forward.


Most youth look forward to two holidays a year; their birthday and Christmas. Why? Simply because children love presents and toys. Well, Ava and Olivia Scotchie are not your typical ten-year-old girls. Instead of asking for presents every year on their birthday, they ask for donations to the Chattanooga Ronald McDonald House. They’re so thankful for being healthy girls and want to pass their grateful and giving hearts forward… and want to Pass it On!

Be inspired to pay it forward by Ava and Olivia Scotchie and donate now.

Fun Facts:

  • It costs $55 per night to provide services to one family at the Ronald McDonald House. The average length of stay falls around 15 days.
    • Food = $6
    • Utilities = $12
    • Building Upkeep = $32
    • Volunteer Support = $1
    • Room Amenities = $4
  • The Ronald McDonald House has 26 guest rooms and operates nearly 100% capacity.
  • All funds raised by Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Chattanooga are used to serve local children and families in need.
  • 600 volunteers help support families in a variety of ways.
  • Of the nearly 50 families served per month, roughly 70% are not able to afford the requested $10 per night donation.

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