5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Our Telethon

We’re ready for our close-up… Mr. Donor.


Our annual telethon is coming up before we know it on March 1st at 7 p.m. on WTVC-NewsChannel 9. Our 4-hour prime time telecast will be showcasing 2013 donations and events that help the organization’s mission of serving families with critically injured children move forward. But why should YOU watch it?

1. To be inspired. Local families who’ve stayed at the House will talk about their experiences while staying with us. You’ll be blown away by this nine-year-old girl:


2. To be encouraged. Our volunteers will tell you why they volunteer, why it’s important to donate and the impacts they make on the families we serve.      


3. To bid on a La-Z-Boy sofa and chair. Tennessee La-Z-Boy manufacturing facility will host their “Build-A-Chair” event during the telethon.  La-Z-Boy will have craftsmen live on air build a recliner piece-by-piece valued at $999 to auction off. Have also built a sofa valued at $1,419 to auction off.  All proceeds will be going to Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Greater Chattanooga.


4. To be aware. It’s important to know what your local community is up to. Many of our businesses and nearby residents spend their time and money supporting our cause. See who gives back and make sure to support them too. 


5. To pay it forward. Our 2014 Share-A-Night campaign is being supported by our telethon. It costs Ronald McDonald House Charities $55 per night to provide our services to one family for one night. Families are asked to make a $10 donation to help offset some of the expenses however, 70% of the families are unable to afford this nominal contribution. No family is ever turned away because of their inability to make the requested donation. Share-A-Night contributions make it possible for families to stay at Ronald McDonald House Charities® regardless of their financial situation. We are embracing paying it forward. Be thankful for having healthy children and give back to those who don’t. 

share a night

Make sure to tune in Saturday, March 1st at 7 p.m. on WTVC-NewsChannel 9. You will be inspired, encouraged, have gorgeous furniture, be aware, and most importantly: to pay it forward. Use our twitter hashtags #CHAtelethon, #RMHC, and #payitforward throughout the event.


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