Incredible Kids Who Blow out Their Candles and Make a Donation


Kids across the world look forward to one day a year that’s dedicated to celebrating themselves: birthdays! Birthdays are fabulous; presents, cake, friends and family celebrating solely YOU. Well, we know some pretty encouraging kids that turned their special day from focusing on themselves to focusing on others:

1.) Julia Kilgore


In lieu of presents for her 9th birthday, Julia asked for donations to Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Chattanooga. She raised $540! Along with the monetary donation, the Kilgore family also donated WebKinz stuffed animals.

2.) Caden Walling

ImageInstead of presents for his 8th birthday, Caden raised $50 to donate to RMHC of Chattanooga. He said, “I just wanted to help other people.”

3.) Ava & Olivia Scotchie


Ava and Olivia Scotchie are a double team when it comes to helping families. For the past three years, they’ve asked their friends to make donations to RMHC of Chattanooga instead of gifts. They’ve raised a total of $1,193!

We hope these kids have inspired you to pay it forward as well. If you share… it becomes contagious too! Pass it on and help families at Ronald McDonald House today. 


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