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Tomorrow on Giving Tuesday, we’re raising funds for our Chattanooga Ronald McDonald House food pantry, called Mary’s Pantry. We strive to take care of our families by providing a place to sleep and eat nutricious meals. It’s our desire to provide them the right nutrition through Mary’s Pantry so they can be strong for their child.

We’re encouraging you to donate to this fund. Why? It’s simple… our families need to eat. The best part? Your donation doubles! You heard right.

A generous local partner wants to help the Ronald McDonald House raise $150,000 for Mary’s Pantry Endowment Fund. They’ve committed to matching every dollar that you donate up to $75,000. When you give a dollar…it becomes two. Once the goal has been met, the income generated from the endowment fund will purchase the needed food for families all year long.  

This fund will allow the future food needs at the Ronald McDonald House to be met.

Will you help us meet our goal of $150,000 on this #GivingTuesday? Remember, every dollar doubles!


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