Triple the Love


Neisha Brophy and husband Brandon were already blessed with two sons Bentley and Caden before a triple blessing came their way. Yes, that’s right! On Jan. 4, 2016, they welcomed triplet girls, Paxley, Paisley, and Presley at 34 weeks at Erlanger Hospital.

While the girls had to stay in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), Neisha and Brandon were wary about the commute from their home to the Erlanger NICU. This led to Neisha and Brandon checking-in to the Chattanooga Ronald McDonald House®.

Hailing from Calhoun, Georgia, they considered it a miracle to be able to stay at a place that enabled them to be just footsteps from their daughters. “If it wasn’t for the Ronald McDonald House, I would have had to drive an hour back and forth each day to see the girls,” Neisha says.

The House provided them a place to recover and rest; you can only imagine being parents outnumbered by newborns. Their two sons were able to visit and stay with family.

After seven days of staying at the House, they were able to travel home with Paxley and Paisley. Presley stayed in the NICU a little while longer until she reached 4 lbs.

The family who once was a family of four and now seven is doing well and enjoying the big family feel. It was so nice to see this family grow in size and love.


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