Meet the Armitage Family

Amanda and Adrian of Spring City, Tennessee weren’t going to let six miscarriages stop their family from growing. They knew in their hearts that they were intended to have Armitage Familyanother child-and they were right.

On June 14, Harper Armitage was born several weeks early with down syndrome. While Harper’s family was ecstatic about their new family addition, they knew she needed an extended stay in the neonatal intensive care unit. At the time, they found restoration in the Chattanooga Ronald McDonald House.

They checked-in and a weight was immediately lifted off their shoulders. Living over an hour away with their two other daughters, Emma and Sophie, to tend to wasn’t ideal since they needed to stay close to Harper.

“[At the Ronald McDonald House] I get to be in a room with my kids. It’s the closest thing to home,” said Amanda.

Through this process, not only did Harper grow stronger, but so did the rest of their family. After 13 days of staying at the Ronald McDonald House, they were finally able to check out with Harper and head home.

Because of Amanda and Adrian’s resilience, they were blessed with a beautiful newborn daughter, who happened to be resilient herself.


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