Meet the Charles Family

Isn’t it funny when moments in your life come full circle? When Sara Davis was 16-years-old, she was the winner of a McDonald’s  contest where her drive-thru logo was chosen to be the official McDonald’s drive-thru logo in 1996. d25cebad7c2854e328b0de2140f90bb4

She worked for McDonald’s for three years and was adamant about asking customers to donate their spare change to the Ronald McDonald House.  Little did she know, she’d be using the House years later for her second child.

Fast forward to 2017, Sara and partner, John, were eagerly expecting their child, Axsel, to come into the world. It turns out that Axsel was even more eager, making his appearance six weeks early.

Axsel had to have surgery because his lower intestines were twisted tResized95IMG95201704169509595895234ogether. Being an hour away from their Calhoun home, they were able to check in to the Chattanooga Ronald McDonald House.

Relieved they had somewhere to stay close by, they were able to check on Axsel frequently and not have to worry about driving back and forth or sleeping in the hospital waiting room.

“I didn’t know how important the Ronald McDonald House was. Behind on the receiving side, it is so nice to know where the money goes and such a humbling experience. I had no idea how important it was when I was a teenager,” said Sara.

“We would stay in the NICU for 16 hours a day just trying to bond with our child. We would’ve slept in the waiting room if it weren’t for the Ronald McDonald House.”

Sarah and John were not only able to bond with their newborn, but also bonded with four different families that were staying at the Ronald McDonald House.

“We even had a cookout and an Easter egg hunt with our new friends.”

Axsel’s surgery was successful and after 18 nights of staying at the Ronald McDonald House, they were able to travel back home the day their son turned three weeks old.


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