Meet the Shofner Family

A twelve hour road trip took a turn for the worst in the final hour of traveling home for Jennifer and her four daughters Isabella (12), Lauren (10), Haley Jo (5) and Presley (2). They experienced a head on collision with a driver in a high speed chase who crashed into Jennifer’s car. All five were life-flighted to Erlanger Hospital and her husband Chris was notified immediately.

Jennifer faced broken ribs, a fractured tailbone and a broken foot; she was able to be the img_1076.jpgfirst one discharged from the hospital. The oldest, Isabella, had a lacerated liver and spleen as well as severe stomach contusions. Lauren had a broken pelvis while Haley Jo had a broken femur plate, stomach contusions and abdomen lacerations.  They have been discharged but the youngest, Presley, still remains in the PICU. She had two severe abdomen lacerations, 36 stitches, three torn ligaments and a halo implant.

The amount of pain the family has faced is overwhelming, but their high spirits and community support is strong. To add, Jennifer’s husband Chris has been able to stay at the Ronald McDonald House to support his family during this terrible tragedy.

“The amount of care at the Ronald McDonald House has been amazing. I don’t know what we would’ve done without it,” Chris said.

“We’re very thankful for the Ronald McDonald House and appreciate being able to be at home here.”

Once Presley is discharged, she will be able to start rehabilitation treatments. Her family and friends are eager to be with her at home again. In the meantime, we’re thrilled they’re able to stay close to their youngest.


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