Meet the Maldonado Family

“I want a big piece of chocolate cake!” said soon-to-be 4-year-old Cezar.

His dad David piled a slice high with whipped cream in the Ronald McDonald House JulyFrontkitchen. Cezar’s face glowed with joy over his dessert while his mom Rebecca proceeded to share his journey with a rare sub-type of leukemia that only three percent of kids get.

With this being their second stay, they were grateful to be able to stay at the House again as Cezar only had to travel across the street for chemotherapy three hours a day. For Cezar, a little fever is a big deal. It was important for him to have easy access to the hospital.

“Being close to the hospital is a big deal for us. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to stay,” David said.

Cezar and his family prefer a warm cozy bed at the Ronald McDonald House rather than staying in the hospital hooked up to an IV pole.

“He likes it here much better!”

Currently, Cezar is doing well in remission and is taking it day by day.


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